A mountain bike rider jumps from a springboard in a foggy forest.

Unlock Adventure Park, Scotland, will be located in an area that already attracts over 400,000 bikers each year, so a bike park will be a natural fit.

The park will feature several biking trails with a chairlift, F&B and sightseeing at the summit, F&B at the base and a zipline tour. The project will also cater to local equestrians.

This project commenced in 2011 and then paused until 2018 when it restarted with renewed energy!

We are excited to announce this project in the next few months, sign up for more details.

The UK’s first year-round dedicated lift-accessed bike park.

Strong demand is proven by other small-capacity (vehicle shuttle) operators.

Population proximate and within an existing well-known mountain bike destination.

Strong government support for the development, aligning key development objectives for tourism and population health and well-being.

Other local planned developments will form a supportive environment for overall success for the destination for the UK and international visitors and professional training and events.


For more information about Unlock Adventure Park Scotland, please reach out.