John Nicholson

John is the Select Contracts General Manager of Porters Alpine Resort in the south island of New Zealand.

John has come from a highly successful Project Management background with global experience across multiple aspects of infrastructure design and construction/project management (rail and telecommunications), residential earthquake recovery programmes and the national deployment of smart meters for the electricity sector of New Zealand. Projects have varied in complexity and duration with clients ranging from multi-national telecommunication and insurance companies to national infrastructure entities to individual homeowners.

John manages Porters Alpine Resort’s day-to-day operations using his experience motivating teams to deliver and achieve successful results from this solid and innovative background. John’s depth of character and life experiences enable him to converse with anybody easily, and his empathy and ability to listen and observe set him apart as a good leader. He has worked in New Zealand, UK, Europe & the Philippines in multicultural environments, is big on team culture, empowers people, and ensures that the team gets growth opportunities.

John and his family have been guests of Porters Alpine Resort since 2017 and have a holiday home within 15 minutes of the Resort.