Unlock Adventures is at the forefront of the active recreation and adventure tourism industry. We are a highly experienced team who live and breathe leisure, adventure, and recreation daily. We have over 40 years of experience developing hundreds of leisure-based projects in 71 countries worldwide.


Unlock Adventures is developing a range of adventure/recreation parks with a central focus on addressing the market demand for active recreation/ entertainment and adventure-based tourism. We know that adventure means different things to every person, so we encourage participants to “Unlock Your Own Adventure.”


At its core, Unlock Adventures is about doing more than just entertaining people or providing them with a place to recreate. The brand’s mission is to improve the lives of its customers, the communities it operates in, our staff and the young and underprivileged through access to healthy and culture-building activities.



We take a high-level yet detailed approach to development. We use macro-trends to guide opportunity analysis and detailed feasibility studies for individual projects.


Our strength and uniqueness as a company lies in understanding the match between recreation and leisure trends and market demands in any one location, as no two are ever alike.


We understand what it takes to create ongoing successful operations for our attractions. We work to manifest the project vision strategically throughout the design process to achieve the perfect balance of supporting amenities, infrastructure, and qualified personnel to run a successful operation.

Unlock Adventures’ long-term goals are self-reinforcing with our approach of building core user group markets and offerings to encourage new users in the target sport or activity. For example, our surf park operations will always have a large percentage of beginner and first-timer lesson sessions to build the market of surfers and help encourage new residents in each community to get active and healthy.


For more information about any upcoming Unlock Adventures developments, please reach out.